About this site


My name is Nathan Kitchen, I'm a 29 year-old Dad living in Birmingham, UK. This is my website, a repository of various Bible studies I've undertaken over the past few years.

The aim of the site is to share what I've learned and discovered about the Bible. There isn't a particular order to the information; I encourage you to explore any area that catches your eye.


I am a member of the Christadelphians, a group of Bible students who endeavour to remain faithful to the truth preached by the apostles. There are various online introductions to the Christadelphians though my personal favourite can be found here.


You are free to copy, reproduce, modify or distribute the materials on this website. Where possible, I would appreciate a reference to this site be included on any copied materials or derivative works.

I'm always interested to know if people have found the resources on this site useful, or have comments. If so, please get in touch.